Ann Vincent soy candles

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Ann Vincent is a multidisciplinary designer from Ghent, Belgium. A fascination for wax and a love for sculpting aroused her desire to investigate how different shapes, wax and flames collaborate.

Every one of her candles is made with a soy wax blend, poured into molds and hand-finished with a sculpting knife. Due to their handcrafted nature, small irregularities may occur. The candles’ intuitive and tactile forms keep changing when lit, making them an interesting spectacle to look at.

For most beautiful results, do not burn your candles more than 2 hours at a time and keep your wick at 0,5 cm.

Sole set

  • Set of three soy wax candles in earthy tones.
  • h 5cm x w 7cm / h 8cm x w 8cm / h 7cm x w 7cm

Grape candle

  • Totem-shaped soy wax candle in creamy white
  • h 18cm x w 3cm

'Grape' candle, 'Sole' set of 3 candles

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