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Art posters selected by Allo Pablo

Allo Pablo is the joint project of Margaux and her grandparents, who are avid art collectors. Inspired by their honest passion, beautiful treasures and the accompanying stories they’d tell her, she started documenting their impressive collection as a graphic design student. She now actively takes part in the collection and has created Allo Pablo as an online platform to share it with the public. Every two months, Margaux and her grandfather reveal a new range of pieces ready to be adopted by a new art lover.

In October, Allo Pablo selected a number of authentic twentieth Century artist posters to fit the mood of our store. If you haven’t had the chance to pass by or visit in the last weeks, we now offer you a last chance to browse through and buy the remaining posters online.

Please note: these posters are only available for pick-up in our store. Posters have to be picked up before Saturday 28/11. 

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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1. Pjeroo Robjee, 2. Tapies, 3. Bram Van Velde, 4. Cathelin, 5. Pol Bury, 6. Bernard Buffet, 7. Zush, 8. Edward Kienholz, 9. Gilioli, 10. Fritz Winter, 11. Claude Viseux, 12. Steinberg, 13. A. Rainer, 14. David Hockney, 15. Picasso, 16. André Marchand, 17. Vive Lorjou, 18. Raoul Ubac

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