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Chocolate paper flower



Paper flowers are a handmade Wilder product. In paper, we can translate our floral imagination and make it last while the ‘real thing’ grows and withers. A paper flower will add a touch of magic to your interior, or form a unique and precious gift to someone you love.

Dark flowers have always intrigued us. These chocolate ones have been made in a small edition and are ready to ship. Please note each flower has its unique qualities; we will randomly pick yours from the selection pictured in the photos.

  • Description – Seven petals in hand-dyed velvety shades of chocolate around a fluffy brown heart with lilac touches. Finished with brown sepals and a thin brown stem of  approx. 45 cm.
  • Use – Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent the colour from fading. Bend the stem to fit it to your favourite vase and give it a natural curve.

Looking for a different style? Drop by our store for our latest creations in different colours and sizes, or send us a mail with your wishes and we’ll get back in touch!

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