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some Wilder favourites

Dried bouquet – pink + rusty mix (Antwerp only)


Our dried flower arrangements are far from dusty. They’re fragile, yet wild. Carefully composed to be enjoyed for a long time. If you’re looking for some warmth and boldness in the dark winter months, this pink mix is just what you’ll need. Each bouquet is different, but we’ll make sure it matches the style of the ones pictured.

Dried flowers need to be treated with gentleness, but once they’ve found a vase to sit in they won’t need much care. Just take away the string, cut the stems a little shorter if needed, and keep them away from sunlight or moisture.

The flowers come carefully tied and wrapped in paper. The delivery is done by bike, on the first Wednesday or Thursday following your purchase, and costs €5 or €7 depending on your postal code. You can choose which of our set delivery times suits you best. If you choose to pick up your bouquets at our store, no additional costs will be added.

In case you’re looking for a quicker delivery or something special, please contact our store to discuss the possibilities.