Ecological dinner candles

Assorted colours


Our ecological dinner candles are made of 100% plant-based rapeseed wax. They are biologically degradable, CO2-neutral, they don’t smell and burn longer than the classic paraffine candles. Pick your favourites from among our new winter colour palette to dress up your table. We have different shades each season.

  • Burning hours – Up to 18 hours.
  • Size – Diameter 2 cm, length 30 cm.
  • Use – Don’t force your rapeseed candle into a candle holder that is too narrow; this will cause them to crack. Try trimming the bottom part carefully with a knife or look for a candle holder that fits. Stains can be washed out with warm water.
  • Made by hand – Small irregularities are normal.

Ivory, Light lilac, Navy, Olive

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