Herbal bundle

The burning of herbal bundles is also known as ‘smudging’. This term refers to a practice originally used by some Indigenous peoples of the Americas for spiritual cleansing or blessing. (White) sage is often associated with it, although each culture has its own traditions, uses and meanings.

Our herbal bundles are above all a sensorial exploration of local varieties. They look pretty, and reveal one scent after the other when burned bit by bit. They are lovingly compiled by Truus Keustermans, who, besides being an excellent hairdresser, also has magic green fingers.

Her bundles include sage, marjory, lavender, wild fennel, lemon balm and mugwort. All the herbs are either collected in the wild or grown in her garden. They are wrapped in a tobacco leaf and tied with a naturally dyed ribbon. The beautiful info card that comes with it is designed by Ines Cox, with a drawing by Dennis Tyfus.

Please note each bundle is unique, so yours may differ slightly from the ones pictured.

How to use:

  • Light the bundle shortly (we like to use a candle) and blow it out again.
  • Put it on a fire-proof coaster or bowl or wave it around to let its scent spread through the room.
  • Always open a window when you light your bundle.

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