Paper flower

Made to order


Paper flowers have slowly sneaked into our work to become a typical Wilder product. In paper, we can translate our floral imagination and make it last while the ‘real thing’ grows and withers. A paper flower will add some playful magic to your interior, or form a unique and precious gift to someone you love.

Our paper flowers are cut, dyed and assembled by hand using Italian and German crepe paper, iron wire and water-based dyes and inks. We will base ourselves on the picture as shown here, but it will never be an exact copy. Every flower is absolutely unique.

The model we’re currently making will have the following features:

  • Multi-layered, irregular white petals with blue stripes and speckles
  • A multi-layered yellow heart
  • Stem with a few leaves, length approx. 38 cm
  • Flower head diameter measures between 12 – 14 cm

A few tips:

  • Handle with care. Keep out of sunlight and humidity to preserve the colours and shape.
  • Bend the stem to fit your flower to your favourite vase, and tweak to give it a natural shape.
  • Should the flower petals have moved a little during transportation or manipulation, don’t hesitate to softly adjust them back into a nice position.

We put a lot of time and meticulous care into our paper flowers, which is why we prefer to make them to order. Please allow about two weeks for us to craft your flower. You will be notified when it is ready to ship.

Looking for a different style? Drop by our store for our latest creations in different colours and sizes, or send us a mail with your wishes and we’ll get back in touch!