Pleasant Place 1, ‘Enclosures’

Pleasant Place


Pleasant Place is a growing collection of publications about the art of gardening. Pleasant Place informs and inspires by offering both practical and in-depth information as well as unexpected approaches to everyday garden tasks and garden design. Through collaborations with experts and artists Pleasant Place caters both to those who grow gardens as well as those who imagine gardens.

Issue 1: Enclosures 

A garden is a garden because it’s framed and shielded from the outside world. Right? Including an essay about the walled garden, a photo-essay on Derek Jarman’s fenceless garden, new and experimental enclosures by various artists, a set of hortus conclusus miniatures, and more. Cover by Pleasant Place x Marius Grootveld x D.alle and graphic design by fanfare.

32 pages, plus miniatures in centerfold, 18 x 24 cm, English

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