Renilde De Peuter candlesticks II

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Renilde De Peuter is an imaginative maker from Antwerp who finds inspiration in nature. There’s an evident synergy between her textile work, ceramics and photographic impressions. They reinforce and inspire each other. First through blogging, and then via Instagram, her aesthetics have found a wide audience and her designs have been picked up by selected stores around the world.

Renilde’s sculptural candlesticks look as if they’ve grown naturally, each with a distinct character to fall in love with. Their organic shapes and fascinating glazes are born from intuitive experiment. Each piece is unique.

Opening 2 cm. We recommend using a drop of melted wax to keep your candle firmly upright.


  1. Feminine figure with orange touch: 15 cm
  2. Soft cream – mint glaze: 15 cm
  3. Black coral shape with mint glaze: 14,5 cm

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Female figure with orange touch, Soft cream – mint glaze, Black coral shape with mint glaze

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