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Vintage Monday 23/11

Vintage finds are an essential part of the Wilder aesthetic. We love hunting for forgotten treasures and combining them in a new and fresh way. They will add an element of surprise to your homes and make wonderful gifts, too.

Every week we present a few of our current favourites. We make sure to select only pieces that are in good condition, but note that small irregularities may occur due to their vintage or handmade nature. During check-out you can choose for us to ship them – which we will do with great care – or pick them up at our store.

On our vintage menu, Monday 23/11
(see last picture for numbered items):

  1. Glass ball candlestick – Transparent heavy glass candlestick with bark texture. Height 5,5 cm, opening 2,5 cm.
  2. Big khaki vase – Ceramic vase, lovely shape with foot and slightly slanted rim, flecked soft khaki/yellow and brown glaze. Height 14 cm, opening 5 cm.
  3. Small beige vase – Cute little soliflore vase, beige glaze with yellowish stains. Height 6,5 cm, opening 3 cm. Signed by the famous Dutch Mobach factory.
  4. Glass bark vase – Rectangular glass vase with solid foot and bark texture. Height 14 cm, opening 5,5 cm.
  5. Mini off-white vase – Low round soliflore vase with an irregular off-white glaze. Height 4 cm, opening 2 cm. Signed by the famous Dutch Mobach factory.

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1. Glass ball candlestick, 2. Big khaki vase, 3. Small beige vase, 4. Glass bark vase, 5. Mini off-white vase

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