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Beeswax zig zag candle duo

Faire La Bees


Faire La Bees is the playground of bee keeper Jamie Lozoff. With her beehives in Roche-St-Secret-Béconne in France, she makes delicious honey and cheerful candles.

These zig zag dinner candles are made from 100% natural beeswax. The green colour results from organic indigo pigments, sourced  from a nearby farm. They come in pairs and are beautifully wrapped in reused papers.

  • Materials – 100% beeswax, 100% cotton wick
  • Dimensions – ± 18 cm
  • Burn time – ± 2,5 hours
  • Use – Burn in a room with the windows closed. Trim the wick before lighting a candle.

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