Make the everyday
a little wilder

Welcome to our Antwerp store

We are located close to Antwerp’s Central Station:
Provinciestraat 28
2018 Antwerp

Current opening hours:
Thu – Fri, 12:00 – 18:30
Sat, 10:00 – 17:00

Reach us at:
+32 (0)3 297 43 41

PS: We stay open during the lockdown. In store we are allowed to sell flowers, candles, soaps, cards and books. Head to our webshop for flower deliveries, Wilder essentials and gifts that we currently can’t sell offline. Mail us with any other request, we can always arrange a pick-up!

Wilder flowers

Rather than providing you with a continuous flow of go-to classics, we aim to surprise you with an off-beat selection of flowers, carefully curated according to the rhythm of the season and our aesthetic inspiration of the moment. We create bespoke bouquets and installations and offer flower subscriptions for professionals.

Artful goods

Our flowers are surrounded with carefully selected goods to use, wear, read or give. We sell vintage finds, one-of-a-kind creations by makers and artists we love, and our own designs inspired by flowers. We are strongly support local talent, while keeping an eye on interesting brands and publishers from abroad.

Vases, posters, cards, books, candles, soaps, bags or things that are simply wonderful to stare at: there’s a gift for everyone and everyday.

Some brands and makers we’ve been representing:

Accidente Con Flores
Atelier Scheldeman
Frederik Rombachs
Idir Davaine

Laura Leynen
Nienke Sybrandy
Orris Paris

Pek Pottenbak
Renilde De Peuter
Ruth Van Beek
Ruth Van Haren Noman
Sigrid Volders

The Plant Magazine
Truus Keustermans

Durable ephemeral

Although flowers are essentially ephemeral, we are on a constant queeste for durability. This means we buy consciously, wrap carefully, deliver bouquets by bike, limit floral waste, research creative processes to extend the life of our flowers, and teach you some of what we learn, too.

We sell fresh flowers throughout spring and summer, and dried ones from November till March. By working seasonally and locally, we aim to honour flowers and the natural pace at which they grow. By all means we want to avoid buying flowers flown over from faraway countries, drenched in chemicals and dyes or grown mid-winter in energy-consuming greenhouses. We love the variety the seasons bring us, and accept the limitations that come with them as an artistic challenge.

From 2020, we’ve been closely collaborating with farmer Emma from Herdersbloem, who supplies us almost year-round with biologically grown blooms, fresh and dried. Whenever needed, we supplement our offer with flowers from Belgian and Dutch growers that comply with international durability standards. And if we need something really wild and exotic, we make it ourselves. In paper.

Dry flowers and biological flowers are not just a trend. To us it’s the future, and we can’t wait for the next steps on our way to beautiful sustainable floristry!

Creative crossroads

Coming from different backgrounds ourselves, crossing the bridge between floristry and other domains feels only natural. We feel inspired by all the creative projects and entrepreneurs around us and regularly invite like-minded artists to create temporary installations in our store or work on collaborative projects and designs.

Artists we’ve been working with:

Allo Pablo (20 th century artist posters), Wiesi Will (textile design), Lutgart De Meyer (ceramics), Maddalena Annunziata (knitwear), Viktoria Von Malottki (jewelry), Park Pardon (paper maché) and Fleur De Roeck (painting and mobiles).

Floral playground

We regularly host workshops and events, exploring flowers and crafts in every way. Want to join in the fun? Subscribe to our newsletter or keep an eye on our homepage to learn all about our upcoming activities.