Make the everyday
a little wilder

People gathering for the opening of Wilder Antwerp flower shop at Provinciestraat 28, Borgerhout

Welcome to our Antwerp store!

Our flower shop is located between the areas Zurenborg, Borgerhout and Antwerp North, and within a stone’s throw from Antwerp’s Central Station and the Zoo.

Provinciestraat 28
2018 Antwerp

Reach us at:
+32 (0)3 297 43 41 (during shop hours only)

Opening hours:

Thursday 12:00 – 18:30
Friday 12:00 – 18:30
Saturday 10:00 – 17:00

Wilder flowers

Wilder flowers are playful, local, seasonal and nature-friendly. Every week we aim to surprise you with a carefully curated selection of varieties. We sell fresh blooms as long as they grow in local fields outside, from April till October, and switch to dried bouquets from November till March. We love the variety the seasons bring us, and accept the limitations that come with them as an artistic challenge.

Hop by our store for takeaway bouquets, but also for just a few stems, a vase that needs to be filled, or a special request. We create bespoke arrangements and offer flower deliveries and subscriptions to fit the needs of your business. 

Re-inventing floristry

Flowers are drenched in chemicals, grown in energy-consuming greenhouses, flown over from faraway countries. The classic industry is harmful to humans and nature. We want to do things differently. This means we buy consciously, wrap carefully, deliver bouquets by bike, limit floral waste, research creative processes to extend the life of our flowers, and teach you some of what we learn, too. 

From 2020, we’ve been closely collaborating with farmer Emma from Herdersbloem. She supplies us with organic flowers, fresh and dried. Whenever needed, we supplement our offer with flowers from Belgian and Dutch growers that comply with international durability standards. And if we need something really wild and exotic, we make it ourselves. In paper.

Everyday treasures

Our flowers are surrounded with hand-picked goods to use, wear, read or give. Vintage ceramics and glassware, floral stationery, artist books, ecological candles, natural soaps, smudge sticks, durable bags and more: there’s a gift for everyone and everyday.

On our shelves now:

Apartamento, Baggu, Bieke Bettens, Clay Club, Clay Davis, Frederik Rombachs, Maya Bolsens, Orris Paris, Papier d’Arménie, Pek Pottenbak, Renilde De Peuter, Ruth Van Beek, Scoby Club, Stephanie Baechler, The Plant Magazine, Truus Keustermans, and more.

Wilder Objects

Inspired by the flowers that pass through our hands everyday, we give shape to a range of Wilder Objects. Some pieces are unique and handmade by us like our paper flowers, others are produced in limited editions like postcards, posters and caps. We always look for the most sustainable and beautiful materials to work with.

The Wilder Objects collection is selectively available for wholesale. Contact us for more information at

Viktoria Von Malottki jewelry presentation at Wilder Antwerp flower shop
Park Pardon paper mache masks at Wilder Antwerp flower shop

Creative crossroads

We love to invite inspiring artists and entrepreneurs to shed their light on our shop. Flowers serve as a magical glue between diverse themes and realms, resulting in temporary installations, workshops or exclusive products.

Some of our recent Wilder guests:
Mieke Verbijlen (photography), Bettie Boersma (textile), fig. (everyday goods), Viktoria Von Malottki (jewelry), Paule Josephe (upcycled garments).

Curious for more? We’ve documented some collaborations in our portfolio.

Floral playground

We regularly host workshops and events, exploring flowers and crafts in every way.

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