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Hot Legs candlesticks, blue

Laura Welker


In our humble opinion, these handcrafted Hot Legs are the funkiest candlesticks on the planet. Having studied fashion at the Royal Academy of Antwerp and worked on a footwear brand herself, Berlin-based designer Laura Welker has always been fascinated by shoes. Like a magical wand, they can empower your walk and lift up your spirits.

Laura’s first pair of Hot Legs was meant to bring luck to her mother when she broke her hip. It worked, so now she recommends everyone who gets a pair of these candlesticks to tuck a wish under their heels. When the candle burns down, your wish will come true.

Like real ones, these ceramic shoes come in pairs, nicely packed in their own little shoe box. Have fun matching them with nicely coloured candle socks (candles are not included).

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