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Silver paper flower



Paper flowers are a handmade Wilder product. In paper, we can translate our floral imagination and make it last while the ‘real thing’ grows and withers. A paper flower will add a touch of magic to your interior, or form a unique and precious gift to someone you love.

These monochrome silver flowers are pure and playful, yet chic.

Although each flower is handmade to order by us and will have its own unique quality, you may expect your flower to have:

  • Nine narrow leaves in silver, forming a flower head of approx. 15 cm
  • A finely fringed centre in silver
  • A silver, bendable stem of 35 cm

Looking for a different style? Drop by our store for our latest creations in different colours and sizes, or send us a mail with your wishes and we’ll get back in touch!

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