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The Plant #21

The Plant Magazine


Twice a year, The Plant offers a fresh view onto the growing world, through the fields of photography, art, fashion, food, ecology and horticulture. It celebrates magnificent, modest, exotic and everyday plants, and the creative enterprises they inspire.

Spring / Summer 2024

An invitation to reimagine how we relate with the world around us, and with other beings, be they humans, animals or plants. You’ll find flowers, florists and vases, bees and beekeepers, woods and crafters, fabrics and designers, poets and thinkers, grapefruits and lemons.

A fantastic universe to dive in with: Viviane Sassen, Jack Davison, Suffo Moncloa, Omaima Salem, Clara Balzary, Lily Cole, Aurora Solá, Christina Kim, Mark Colle, Mark Peckmezian, Yoko Ono, Nikki McClarron, Ronan Gallagher, Ana Domínguez, Cameranesi Pompili, Claudia Keep, Martin Bruno, Iris Humm, Rosy Head and many more.

Choose between three covers: a yellow moth by Claudia Keep, a blotted photograph by Viviane Sassen, or a blue vase by Valentina Cameranesi.

2024, 239 pages, 30 x 23 cm, English


Claudia Keep (moth painting), Viviane Sassen (blotted photo), Valentina Cameranesi (vase photo)

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