Get your hands on
some Wilder favourites

White paper flower



Paper flowers are a handmade Wilder product. In paper, we can translate our floral imagination and make it last while the ‘real thing’ grows and withers. A paper flower will add a touch of magic to your interior, or form a unique and precious gift to someone you love.

As crazy as our paper flowers can sometimes be, these simple white ones are an absolute favourite. They combine the strength of a stripped-down naïve design with the dynamic fragility of a poppy.

Although each flower is handmade to order by us and will have its own unique quality, you may expect your flower to have:

  • Three big crinkled leaves in white, forming a flower head of approx. 15 cm
  • A fringed centre in mixed shades of white
  • A white stem of 35 cm

Looking for a different style? Drop by our store for our latest creations in different colours and sizes, or send us a mail with your wishes and we’ll get back in touch!

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