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Wilder Affiche #7



Discover our seventh Wilder Affiche, designed by Wilder. Inspired by the atmosphere of vintage exhibition posters, this eclectic series of limited edition prints archives the guests, themes, events and collaborations that colour our store days. Sometimes we’ll design one, sometimes we’ll give free rein to our guest artists.

Wilder Affiche #7 celebrates the thrill of the hunt. From our very start, we’ve hunted for alluring vintage treasures that resist time and inspire endlessly. The poster star is a very peculiar object, a flattened rock with enamel surface in bright colours that sparks the imagination.

  • Material – Offset printed on 120g creamy white FSC certified Munken Pure Rough paper
  • Size – B2, 50 x 70 cm

Along with the release of this poster, you’ll find the poster object and some other fine vintage items for sale on our webshop.

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