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The Japanese kenzan or flower frog will provide you with a playful and sustainable way to arrange flowers both fresh and dried. Place it in a bowl, dish, pot or vase and fix your stems on the brass pins to create a playful piece with any flowers, branches or grasses you have around.

For fresh arrangements, make sure to add enough water. The spikes will open up the stems for easy absorption to keep your flowers fresh for quite some time. Make criss-cross cuts into the bottom of larger twigs, to stick them in more easily. Top up the water regularly and clean your kenzan and vessels well after use to get rid of bacteria. 

The kenzan comes in a beautiful little cardboard box.

  • Size – Round S (3,6 cm), round M (6,1 cm), long (11,5 cm x 3,3 cm)
  • Material – brass/ lead, the medium round one has a rubber non-slip base

Round S, Round M, Long

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